Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 4

So, I missed writing in my "journal" yesterday, so only one goal was met...I took my lunch to work, and ate it!! This is almost as big as an accomplishment as anything other goal I could have. The cafeteria downstairs in my building is just way too tempting. But with the encouragement of a couple of co-workers, I stuck to it and ate what I brought for lunch today.

Right now on SparkPeople I'm supposed to track what I eat just to get into the habit of it and that's it. It is amazing to see how many calories you eat in a day if you don't pay attention. Tuesday I was paying attention, but not caring too much...I ended up eating 3500 calories that day!!! I can't imagine what I would have eaten that day if I would have gotten some fried food from the cafeteria too!!

All three goals met today! It feels great to get the whole family out for a walk. And I usually push the baby in the stroller, which adds a little to the exercise.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 2

Met two goals today. I packed my lunch (and only ate that) and I'm writing in my journal. No walk tonight, it's getting ready to storm. Hubby did point out that the treadmill is still usable...but there is no TV downstairs. Yes, I could walk without it, but I don't wanna!! I did take Big Brother to the library, which is in the mall, so I did get a little extra walking in today, but nothing I would chalk up to actual exercise.

Question of the day...why do I find myself thinking about food all day long as soon as I decide to watch what I'm eating to lose weight? But as of right now I'm on the fast break step of the Spark People program, which is just small goals. So, while I'm still trying to pay more attention to what I am eating, my goal during this phase is not necessarily to eat within a certain calorie range.

So, all in all, not too bad of a day. Could have been better of course.d