Thursday, September 9, 2010

Challenge Day #11

What is my tummy getting noticeably smaller???  Heck no, that's just me sucking it in while I run in place with my much skinnier 'Mii' on the Active game.

No, I haven't really noticed any changes yet, other than some of the exercises may be a little less painful while I'm actually doing said motions, but I'm sure tomorrow will bring on the pain I'm used to.  Did I expect to see any changes at this point?  Not really, especially since I'm not really eating as healthy as I should be.

But I am commending myself on actually going down and working out tonight...I took two rest days, which is totally not part of the plan and will now extend my 30 day challenge to more like a 35-40 day challenge.  Usually I would just say screw it, I'm over's overrated...and continue to surf the web.  So, YAY ME for getting my butt away from the computer and getting my workout in.  (Also thanks to my hubby for making my taco dip for my work's tailgate party tomorrow so it's one less thing I had to to after my workout!)

Now, off to do one more productive thing tonight and fold some clothes.

Until tomorrow...

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