Monday, September 6, 2010

Challenge Day #8

Yes, I realize that I'm supposed to work out two days in a row and then take a rest day. However, there was absolutely NO WAY my butt muscles would have let me do another jumping squat or anything of that nature yesterday.  I did go for a short jog and a little bit longer walk with the little man yesterday.  And I did take the boys for a walk to the park and back today....

So, yes, today should be my workout day...needs to be my workout day....but it is 8:00 at night, and I DON'T WANNA!! *insert pouty face here*

I was also supposed to weigh in today since it is Monday, but since I didn't go to work today, I didn't realize it was Monday until about noon.  I weight in first thing in the morning, so noon was way too late.  Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

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