Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Couch 2 5K ~ Week 2

Started week two of the Couch 2 5k program this week.  This week I will be running for 90 seconds and walking for two minutes.  Day one was yesterday, and I felt pretty good when I was done.  And I wasn't sore when I got up this morning, so that made it even better! Yay me :)

BUT, as I was cleaning off the treadmill and walking to the locker room, the next week's podcast started playing.  I purposely have not been looking forward to see what lies ahead, and now I know why.  Week 3 has 3 minutes of running followed by 3 minutes of walking!!  Are they insane???  Going up by 30 second increments was working wonderfully for me.  What makes them think that I'm going to magically be able to jump up by 90 seconds, just because this week I can run for 90 seconds?  I may stay on week 2 for 4 weeks or so....

I haven't dropped any weight yet, but I'm not too surprised by that.  It's still early and I'm not being too careful on what I eat yet.  I'm working on this - bringing my own lunch to work has helped a lot.  Not to mention the $$ I'm saving!

To help in my quest, I am joining a group at work in participating in the Live Healthy Iowa 100 day challenge.  We meet tomorrow to form the teams...a little friendly competition, kinda like The Biggest Loser on NBC.  Don't know much more about it yet, but I'm excited.  And the challenge ends 8 days after my birthday, so it works perfectly into my plan to be in better shape by my birthday!!

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