Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 6 - Not so much...

Everyday: 5 min walk warm up; 5 min walk cool down
Day 1:  Jog 5 mins ~ Walk 3 mins ~ Jog 8 mins ~ Walk 3 mins ~ Jog 5 mins
Day 2: Jog 10 mins ~ Walk 3 mins ~ Jog 10 mins
Day 3: Jog 25 mins

Well, it just wasn't in the cards for me to complete Week 6 this week.  I was able to complete day 1 on Tuesday, without much problem.  But because of appointments for the kids, homework, and a day off from work, I wasn't able to even attempt day 2 until Saturday.  I did the first 10 minute jog pretty well, but at about 7 minutes into the second 10 minute jog, I stopped to catch my breath.  I tried to start running again after a minute or two, but I was starting to feel light headed.  As much as it hurt my ego to throw the towel in and not complete a day for the first time would have hurt my ego and my body much more to pass out on the treadmill and end up with broken bones and 'road rash' down my face!

So, I will start week 6 over again this week.  To help in my weight loss, now that my class is over until March, I'm going to add strength training to my schedule on my non-running days.  This should help burn off some of the fat.  I'm going to be one hurting mama this week I have a feeling!

On the plus side, somehow I managed to lose 2 pounds this week!  I have been watching what I eat a little bit better, but I haven't been perfect. 

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