Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm back and kickin' some booty!!

Last Thursday I finally went to the gym to run after my two week detour.  I wasn't sure where to start, so I decided to let my body tell me when to stop.  After my 5 minute warm-up walk, I ran for 19 out of 20 minutes.  At the 15 minute mark, I decided I better walk for a little while but after a minute decided I could run for 4 more minutes.  Then I finished with a 5 minute cool-down walk.  I could have done more, but I figured I better take it easy for the first day back and see how my leg felt afterwards and the next day. 

The next day I felt great.  This weekend is a very busy weekend for me and I wasn't sure if I would be able to fit a run in or not...but after much debate in my head deciding if I should run at 9:00 at night or just go to bed, I decided to run.  About 1 minute into my warm-up walk, I knew I made the right choice - it felt good to be exercising!  Yes, I really did just say that!

Again I didn't know how long I was going to run for, but I was going to let my body and especially my leg tell me when to quit, but I at least wanted to run 20 minutes.  At about 10 minutes into the run I started to wonder if I could do 30 minutes.  At 20 minutes, I decided I could do at least 25.  At 25 minutes, I knew I could do 30 minutes.

I did it! I ran for 30 minutes straight, without hating any of it! 

My first 30 minute run (time includes warm-up & cool-down). Yes I realize I'm slow, but I'm short too!
Never was there the debate in my head about stopping or keep going.  I just wanted to keep going.  I even upped my speed for the last minute to try to run just a little bit further. 
There are two things I have learned about running from my 9 week journey.
  1. I am not Superwoman.  I am not going to be able to run at the same speed through the entire Couch to 5K program.  I must slow down if I am going to complete the long distances.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race, right?  For most people, running 30 minutes is running 3 miles.  Not so much in my world.  Running for 30 minutes got me just under 2 miles - short by about .10 miles.  But I need to forget that and look at what I have accomplished.  Nine weeks ago, I could barely run for 60 seconds at one time, and now I can run for 30 minutes.  How awesome is that??
What now?  I'm going to complete my 2 final days of running for 30 minutes and them I'm going to start over.  Yep, you read right...I'm going to do it all over again!  I'm going to up the speed a little bit so I can run faster.  And I need to find the perfect 5k to be my first!

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