Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner on class nights

This weekend when I have some time, I need to sit down and figure out some ideas for dinner on Tuesday night for me for the next three weeks.  I have class from 5:30-9:30.  I get off of work just in time to get the boys, change my clothes and walk out the door as soon as hubby gets home.

There is a coffee shop that I can buy some things from, but I can't resist their 4 cheese wrap dipped in ranch dressing.  I haven't asked what the nutritional value is for this, but I can't imagine it is very good.  And I'm sure the whipped cream on top of my caramel macchiato (made with skim milk) isn't the best either.  Since I can't resist it, I need to avoid the coffee shop all together.

Other than my wrap and coffee (which I didn't finish) I did really good today with my diet.  And I did NOT buy the chips, cookie, muffin, or any other tasty, tempting treat at the coffee shop.And I did NOT grab a pop out of the fridge for lunch today, but instead got a big ol' glass of water!

My willpower is building!  Motto for the day:

Day 2 of Week 3 tomorrow.  Should be interesting with my building cold!

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