Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I need to come up with better titles to my posts!

I've got nothing creative for post titles, and I can't call everything today or update. Something to ponder while on the treadmill I guess. was a great day for my journey to the new me.  I stayed within my calorie range, and even got in a late night snack.  

I headed to the gym for Week 3, Day 2 of Couch to 5k.  I was not feeling it and was not in the mood for running at all.  But we are way too early in the game to be skipping dates with the gym, so I went.  It was still tough, but not as bad as it was on Monday.  I didn't start wondering how much longer was left on my final run until there was only 1 minute left!  And I only had to repeat my current manta once - "Suck it Up Now and You Won't Have to Suck it In Later!"

I need to get better about drinking more water.  I've cut my coffee down to two cups, although it should really only be one.  And I haven't had a pop since Sunday afternoon...wonder if I can keep it up...

I feel great after having such a wonderful day...a great run, great calorie count (and not feeling hungry). I hope I get to see results on Monday with my official weigh in!

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