Friday, January 6, 2012

Off day

Today wasn't such a great day for eating.  I brought some healthy single serve pizzas I bought to work for lunch since I didn't have to do anything else.  Come lunch time I get it out and read the cooking instructions on the back.  Conventional Oven only...SERIOUSLY??  Who the heck makes single serve pizzas that you can only cook in the oven?!?!?  So, it was beef ramen noodles for lunch.  Then hubby sent me a text asking if I wanted McDonald's for dinner.  Yessir...anything to not have to cook tonight (bad I know).  So I got a Big Mac snack wrap, medium fry and a medium chocolate shake. 

Maybe tonight is a good night to break out the Wii Active 2 and get a little workout in with Mr. Bob Green and at least work out a little bit of the yuck out.  We'll see, I'm pretty tired and I need to get some homework done.

I'm still looking forward to next week.  First week of our 10 week challenge at work.  I was nominated team captain, so I get to be cheerleader...among other things.

We are team SAIKI Chicks...betcha can't figure out what that stands for ;-)

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