Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Exercise Gadget!

Woo hoo!!  Today in the mail I got a new gadget that has been recently been introduced to me, that has me excited to get out and hit the road running.  It is called Nike + iPod.  I don't think this is a new product but it is new to me.  Reading the instruction manual and seeing all the fun things it can do...I wish I would have known about this sooner.  I spent about 30 bucks and got an adapter that plugs into my old school iPod nano, and a sensor that is made for a special kind of Nike shoe. I don't have that shoe, so I ordered a little pouch that attaches to my shoelaces and holds the sensor.  This little thing works on iPod nanos, iPod touch (2nd generation or later) and the iPhone 3GS or later.  It tracks workouts, provides feedback, you can set goals, and so much more.  And it give you progress updates in your ear as you run.  As luck would have it, tomorrow is supposed to be good weather for an outside run so I don't have to wait long to test it out!  Did I mention you can upload your workout data to  I haven't visited the site yet, but I've been told you can also upload your workouts to, which is what I use.  I'll update on my thoughts after I use it a few times.

On to my progress. This week has been a struggle.  I'm tired, getting a cold, I think PMS is creeping up on me again, and to top it off, my husband started working out of town this week.  So, I haven't been eating great and exercise is something I have dreaded.  I did get on the treadmill today and ran for 1.5 miles straight in about 19 minutes.  Total time on the treadmill was 29.04 and I covered 1.94 miles.  I'm keeping at about 35 pounds lost.

The circuit training is still hard work, but I'm not a sore the next day.  And the plank exercises do not cause strings of four letters words to come out of my mouth each time I do it.  

And progress is happening in places...I have been told by my hubby in the last week that my butt is getting bonier and my boobs are getting smaller.  I'm not sure about the butt, however, I do see what he means about the boobs.  Both are good news by the way.  And in true, dorky Mickala fashion, as I was drying my hair in the locker room after my run today all of the sudden my guns jumped out at me.  I have definition in my biceps.  I don't know how it happened...or when...but cool!

So tomorrow I have a running date with my Nike + iPod and a friend I haven't seen in a while.  I have the day off to clean my house in preparation for my younger child's 2nd Birthday party this weekend.  We'll see how my eating goes.  Being at home causes problems for me sometimes, but I should keep busy enough not to have too many problems.

Until next time....happy running!

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