Saturday, February 4, 2012

This week has been a struggle

I have had an even harder time sticking to healthy foods this week than I have in the past past 4 weeks.  I'm blaming PMS.  Should I? No.  But I am.  I have struggled to hit the requirements for fruits and vegetables every day this week, and found myself asking things like..."a pickle is a veggie, right?"  I was supposed to eat at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruits every day this week.  I got them in, but added a lot of unnecessary junk with it.  I did discover how to get both fruits and a veggie in for breakfast.  Smoothies are wonderful things.  My morning smoothie consists of fresh spinach, frozen strawberries and frozen banana, and some milk.  Even my boys beg for this every morning.  

I haven't been feeling it too much for exercise this week either.  I have been so tired (blaming PMS for this one too), that getting my three runs in has been almost torturous at times.  But thanks to the Team Up to Trim Down challenge at work, I have done them.  I still have one more day of exercise to do tomorrow.  Not sure what I'm going to do...but whatever it is, it has to be for 20 minutes.  Maybe some yoga.  Should do the Wii Active again, but that game made me sore for almost a week last time!

Anyway, my runs were hard, but I got them done.  I finished the week tonight with a 22 minute run!  I stopped the treadmill once to get a drink and blow my nose (am I the only one that gets a runny nose when I run?) and then I took a quick break to get another sip of water.  I have yet to master the skill of drinking out of a cup while running.

Next week is a fresh start.  I'm planning to add strength training to the exercise plan this week.  The Team Up challenge is continue eating the fruits, veggies, exercise for 20 mins 4 days a week, stretch 3 days and now we are adding push ups and squats.  Week 7 of the Couch to 5k program brings 3 days of 25 minutes of running!  Getting close to the end, only 3 weeks left!!  Should be ready for my first 5k.  I think it will be in April.

To those of you who would like to try running, but hesitate...if I can do this, you can!  A year ago I struggled to run for 60 seconds.  Don't believe me? Go back to the beginning of this blog.  

Tonight I ran for 22 minutes...I covered 2.18 miles in 33 minutes.  

Until next time everyone, Happy Running!

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