Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Better Reason...

I don't wear it much anymore because it is a little big for me, which a co-worker pointed out one of the last times I wore it.  But, I haven't done laundry in a while and I didn't have much to wear today, so  I put it on, not really caring that it was too big...I'm feeling bloated today anyway thanks to lovely Aunt Flo.  Its a nice shirt. I wish I could shrink it so I could wear it longer.  But then, it happened.  A sure sign that it is time to retire the shirt forever.  As I was leaving work for the day...I had made it through the WHOLE DAY...and then, as I was walking to the elevator...someone said to me "Oh, it looks like you are expecting!"  Um, WHAT??? What do you even say to that??? So I said "oh no, no way!" And then she goes on..."oh, new baby?"  Um, only if you count a 2 year old as new....yeah, I know it was a "fat shirt" and I shouldn't have worn it, but really?  She felt bad, and I didn't want to make her feel any worse, so I brushed it off, and truly, it didn't bother me too much.  The shirt was for me about 20-30 pounds ago, I should have known better.  Well, I know better now...this shirt has been officially been retired!

My eating for today was doing pretty good for a while, but afternoon and after dinner are my two trouble times.  So after my snack a work today I had a few spoonfuls of reduced fat peanut butter.  I didn't need it and it racked up the calories.  And dinner was so good I had to have a second helping.  And now I want to eat something else, but I don't need  it!  So here is my report for the day...

Woops!  Not great...

For exercise, I decided to take the little guy out for a run in the jogging stroller.  Not an easy task that is for sure.  I have to have burned more calories than the websites say pushing that darn thing, right??

One thing I have enjoyed checking out once and a while is how much time and miles I have racked up since I started tracking it, and how many calories I have burned.  Here's what I have so far from the last 3 months or so:

How cool is that?? 

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