Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the road again....

I haven't completely gotten off the Road to Hot Mommy, but I have been going pretty slow.  I have been able to maintain my 35 pound weight loss, but I haven't been making any more progress.  I have been sticking to exercising 2-3 days a week at least with my running, but I haven't been putting much more effort that than into it.  Why? Because I don't really feel like watching what I eat constantly, I want to eat the yummy stuff, not the healthy stuff.  And I kind of enjoy running, but the circuit training is painful and boring!

But I need to get back on track again.  Watch what I eat most of the time, work the strength training back in and keep up on my running. I'm tired of the plateau and am ready to work to see the scale start moving in the right direction again!

This week, I am going to start tracking what I eat again and stop eating at the cafeteria at work.  Mission accomplished today. 

My food report for today (www.myfitnesspal.com)

For exercise, I got a short family walk and a short run in today.  I've been using my Nike+ and with the exception of a few glitches in the beginning, it really works great. I love it!  Nike is working on redesigning their website, so hopefully that will fix some of the issues they were having.  Even with the glitches, I would recommend this to anyone that wants to track their speed/distance but is on a tight budget.

My exercise reports for today: (www.nikeplus.com)

My run:

My walk:

Not very impressive, but every step counts, right?      

So...as I said..."On the Road Again...."

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