Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beautiful Night for a Run!

The exercise gods finally smiled down on me tonight and aligned everything to make a perfect night for running on a night I could actually go out!  It cooled down a little bit today, I finished class early and hubby was home so I could actually exercise outside of the house tonight.  I ran about 2 miles straight before I had to walk....if it wasn't for the stupid hill I could have probably kept going, but I didn't want to push it too much, I still had to make it home! But between dodging the sprinklers and getting a bug in my eye, it was a pretty good run!

I also did pretty good eating today, and I had multiple opportunities to fail.  First opportunity was going to the cafeteria at work for lunch which never ends in a healthy lunch.  Instead, I stuck with what I brought for lunch - chicken salad on light whole wheat bread and carrots.  Not as sexy or appealing as the pizza my co-worker had, but oh well.  Second opportunity was coming home from work early.  Usually I take these days as a opportunity to scout out anything yummy and eat it all up while I'm home alone.  Today, I had might light kettle corn popcorn and a glass of water.  Final opportunity was the coffee shop at school, where I usually get some kind of not healthy smoothie, 4 cheese wrap and some chips and/or cookie...tonight I got a chef's salad with light ranch dressing, a bottle of water and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.  Perfect? Absolutely not, but much improved? YA BETCHA!!

Final report for the day

According to the website, if I keep it up like this I will be down about 6 pounds in 5 weeks. Doesn't sound like much, but when the scale hasn't been moving for about 6 months, I'll take it!

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