Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Better day today

Say what? If you read yesterday you would have thought I actually had a pretty good day...and I did at the time I wrote my post.  Then I put the boys to bed, and the bad habit came out.  Snacking.  I had already used up my calories for the night, but I didn't care...I just couldn't say no to the snack.  So I ate, and ate, and ate.  Ugh I was disgusted with myself when I was done.  So I went back and added my foods into my food journal for the day, after all, my goal this week is really just to focus on logging what I eat, not necessarily attain my calorie goals...that is just an added bonus.  So the final - not impressed with myself. 

Tonight, I'm snacking too, but only because I earned it.  Heck it was the most driving factor in getting my butt off the couch and onto the treadmill.  And after I'm done with my snack and writing this post, I'm taking a shower and going to bed, so I'm fairly confident I will not be eating any more.  My report for the day is to the right. 

I very much dislike the treadmill these days, but it has been WAY too hot to run outside.  To shake it up I tried one of the incline/speed program on my treadmill.  It kicked my butt! I can't believe I didn't even burn 200 calories! I guess it depends on what you look at. My treadmill said under 200 calories (I'm not even sure what it said), My Fitness Pal says 165 calories, and my Nike+ said 269 cals burned.  I'm inclined to go with the Nike+ because it actually tracks my movement, and of course because it is a better number!

Goals for this week:
1. No pop.  check!
2. Exercise 5 days this week.  check!
3. Track my food:  check!
Two days and going strong! Good night everyone!


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