Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day off today

Today I took a day off from tracking everything that goes into my mouth.  I went to the farmers market and had a cupcake, I had a light mocha frapppchino from Starbucks, I had a flat bread sub from Subway for lunch and 4 pieces of spinach and mushroom pizza from Schwan's for supper.  And I'm not at all upset about it.  I need these stress free eating days where I'm not planning, tracking and analyzing every meal and snack I have.

I haven't done any official exercise today, but I walked around the farmers market for an hour this morning, then went school supply shopping at Target and WalMart, then tonight when on a walk to the local park, pushing the little guy in the stroller.

Tomorrow I will pay a little more attention to eating healthy things, but I'm not sure I'll track it.  I'll go back to tracking on Monday for sure though. Can't stop much more than that, or I'll quit forever, again!

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