Monday, July 16, 2012

For the Next Month

I vow to blog everyday. Even if it is just to say I did well today, or I didn't do so hot today, I'm going to write something EVERY day until I go on vacation in August. This blog will be my weight loss journal.  I need to get my motivation back.  I need to get the scale moving again. One month from today is my 9th Anniversary.  When I started out this year, it was possible to hit my goal weight by my anniversary....I haven't even lost 5 pounds...I have maintained my current weight loss, but that's all.  I'm tired of saying "Oh well, I'll do better tomorrow."  Tomorrow is NOW...TODAY!.  I know I'm not going to be perfect, but I can do much better than I have been.

Goals for this week:
1. No pop.  One caffeinated beverage a day (coffee or Rockstar).  The rest is water or milk.
2. Exercise 5 days this week.  Ideally 3 days running, 2 days circuit training.  A challenge because it is too hot to run outside and the treadmill bores me to death.
3. Track my food:  Try to stay within calorie range, but for this week I want to make sure I track every single thing that I eat.

Day 1 and I have met all three goals!  I have drank 8 glasses of water, tracked what I have eaten and attended boot camp class offered by my work once a week.  As usual the class kicked my ass.  Will be sore tomorrow, that is a promise!

Not bad...

 On top of all of these health goals, I work full time, go to school one night a week and am currently a single mom during the work week.  Its not easy and I use this as an excuse.

I really want to lose this weight, but how the heck do I stay on track?  I get myself all hyped up and say I'm going to really do it this time, but then I week later I want to eat junk and just say screw it...I don't care today. Then one day turns into two, two into three and next thing I know it has been a month and I haven't lost a pound.

Hoping blogging everyday will help me stay on track...if I keep with blogging everyday!  I'm going to end today with an inspirational picture.

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