Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aiming for a Cure 5k Race

I ran my first 5k since June yesterday.  I ran this same race last year. I signed up last year because they said it was a flat course.  However, the day of the race, I found out that whoever decided that was a flat course was blind and riding in a car when they said it!  It was far from flat.  I went back this year because it is for a great cause.  They raise money to help local children who are battling cancer.  

The morning didn't start out the best when was I running late and then when I got there I found out that my online registration apparently didn't go through, so I became a "day of" registrant and got stuck with the regular t-shirt instead of the one I paid $5 extra for.  It was a really cool shirt, but I was there for the cause, not the shirt, so I considered it an extra $5 donation.

So the race began.  Some how I found myself at the front of the starting line, which isn't really where I wanted to be, because I am not the die-hard runner that the people at the front are, and lots of people passed me, which was just fine with me.  I was doing pretty good and had a pretty good pace going.  At one point at the beginning I found myself being that goal person.  You know, that person you see and think "I'm in better shape than her, if she can run, so can I...there is no way that short, pudgy chick can beat me"   I'm pretty sure I was that person to the girl in front of me.  But that's ok....I've had that goal person that I just had to beat in a race too.  Funny thing is, about 5 minutes later, I passed her and never saw her again.... Take that taller, less pudgy chick!

The man that is the emcee of the race, or whatever you call that guy, said something last year before the race that has stuck with me all year long and I especially kept it in mind yesterday.  You see, last year he ran the race for the first time and he said every time it got hard, and he wanted to quit, he would just keep these children in mind that are fighting cancer, how much pain they are going through, and do it for them.  You can push through the pain...if they can, so can you.  Keeping that mantra in mind, I ran all the way to the turn around at the half way point....up 2 large hills and one or two smaller ones.  Then after running back up the first hill, I started making to start of the next hill then walk up the hill.  Then run to the water station....yummmm...water...that hit the spot.  Ok keep running....walking up the next hill....running....sheesh, that sun is HOT...walk until that sign up that another water station, sweet! run to the water station and walk while drinking....CRAP! not a water station, just some people trying to convince their kids to get back in the stroller....end is near, walk up the hill then run to the finish.....getting close...I can see the clock...40 minutes...WHAT? I thought I was doing so well.....

I finished in 40:40 according to the chipped timing.  I was surprised at how disappointed I felt.  I didn't have a real goal going into it.  I beat my last race time by about a minute or so.  I should be proud, right?  But I have done so much better.  And I felt like I was going at a pretty.  Granted I might have added a little distance to my race by maybe taking a wrong turn...some people were going left and some were going right...I'm not sure which was correct.  Maybe if I would have gone the other way I would have been under 40 minutes. Wish they would have marked that spot so people knew which way to go.

Once I got home and finished moping I went online and found the results from last year.  I finished in 43:36 so I beat my course time by almost 3 minutes.  That made me feel a little better.

So that was my race.  Considering doing the local color run in October, we'll see.  If I don't do that one, I have one more race in October.  Hopefully I can beat my time again, but we'll see.  I'm starting Power 90 tomorrow, which is supposed to be done 6 days a week, so I won't have time to run, although some of the videos are cardio.  If I don't beat my time, there is always next year.  Power 90 is much more important to me right now, and takes priority.

Tomorrow, I will be taking and post my before pictures for Power 90.

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