Friday, February 8, 2013

Power 90 - Day 30 complete

Last time I was doing Power 90, I fizzled out at 30 days.  I took a "day off" that turned into months off instead.  This time around I was determined not to do that.  Tuesday was my 30 day mark and I'm still going strong.  I did take a break Thursday night, but was right back at it this morning.  So far I have lost 1.5 pounds and 4 inches.  Not much, but the intensity picks up now that I have moved to the next set of DVDs.

That being said however, being good at eating has started to be a struggle this week.  I get tired of thinking about, tracking, and planning every little thing that goes into my mouth.  This is where the binges come from.  Today I am on the verge of a binge.  I've been down to the cafe at work twice this week, never a good thing.  I have picked semi-healthy things, avoided the chips and cookies, but I don't need to go down there.  I bring my lunch every day.  After my lunch today I still wanted more, so I ate my almonds.  Then I started to get tired and bored of working so I wanted to snack some more. So I made a 100 calorie snack bag of popcorn.  At home I ate a big ol' helping of whole wheat pasta....and I really want to eat more.  Will I?  Maybe....probably.  We are allowed cheat days once and a while right?  I just need to keep it to today and then go back on the straight and narrow again.

I'm in a challenge on Facebook and one of the rules is no weighing yourself for the whole month of February.  I have to is killing me!!!  But I haven't cheated yet other than to record my 30 stats for Power 90.

I'm also on Week 2 of the Couch to 5k program.  Still loving it, but still can't wait to get back outside.  Right now I'm reading my homework as I run.  Sounds exciting, right?

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