Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ideal Protien

October 20th I will be attending an informational session regarding Ideal Protein.  My doctor recommended the program durnig a doctor visit I scheduled to figure out how the heck I'm going to lose this weight.  I was so against it in the beginning, but she asked me to try it for 30-45 days to learn how to actually eat right.  After doing some research, I discovered I can get to my goal weight less than 6 months.  So, I've deicded to give it a try, and my husband is going to try it with me.

I'm nervous, but hopefull.  I'm hoping that once the weight starts coming off, it will keep me motivated enough to keep going.  I get so bored with the same food over and over again, so I'm nervous that I will fall off the wagon. But with my husband by my side, I think I can do this! I have to do this!  

I want to lose 50 pounds.  Holy cow - that is a lot!!!  But, I can do this. I have to do it!  I want to blog about my journey, as I have tried to do so many times before, and quit - just like the diet and exercise.

But this time is different - I've finally reached out and asked for help from the experts! And I have a plan - and I even have my plan for when I'm done with the diet to maintain.

First steps are a plan and a goal right? 

I'm so excited to get started.  I'm nervous. But I can do it.  I have to do it!!

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