Saturday, January 26, 2013


I will complete 3 weeks of Power 90 today and the scale has not budged. Sigh....  I know I shouldn't focus on the scale and it is about how I feel, but I can't help but be frustrated.  It makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong.  I'm not eating perfectly, but I am making a pretty good effort. I feel like my clothes are fitting better, but then when I don't see the scale going down I wonder if it is all in my head.

I make it a little more difficult for myself each time.  I'm up to 8 and 10 pound weights during the strength exercises and a few push ups on my toes instead of my knees.  I've added more of the arm movements and jumping to the cardio exercises. 

I've cut my calories for the day back to 1500, instead of 1800...maybe that will help. I have been planning my menus every week and have done pretty good with eating the lunch I brought instead of going to the cafeteria.  I've also cut out a lot (not all) of my bad snacking when I am at home.  

Maybe I need to add running into the program too.  Not sure where the heck I would find the time to do that though.  I do want to start running again though. My first 5k of the year is coming up in April and I haven't been running for a long time.  I would really like to actually run an entire 5k this year.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two weeks down!

Two weeks of Power 90 down...that is 2 weeks of early morning workouts, followed by a full day of work, being mommy and finding time for my ethics homework.  Phew!!  I'm exhausted just typing all of that out again!  But it is still worth it to come home after a long day of work and know that at least that part of my day is done.

The scale hasn't moved down yet, but I still have a lot of work to do on my eating.  I will be good for a day or two and then I have a couple of not to good days.  My goal this week is to continue to log everything that goes into my mouth, and only have 2 cheat days.  One step at a time. Next week I'll cut down to 1 cheat day and maybe one extra cheat meal.  As soon as I decide I'm going to eat healthy, I can't think about anything other than all of that yummy food I want to eat. Am I the only one with this issue? Is this a sign of a food addict? Or just human nature that as soon as you are told you can't have something, you want it?

Maybe if I had someone to clean my house, cook my meals and take care of my children part time...
Who am I kidding, there are plenty are people that are just as busy or busier than I am, what am I whining about?

I once had a goal that I would be my drivers license weight by the time I had to renew my license.  That is this April.  Unless some kind of miracle happens, that will not happen.  I would have to lose 38 pounds.  I just don't that that is a reasonable goal in 3 months.  I'm a little disappointed, but what can I do? It is no ones fault but my own.  I can  meet my goal weight by my 10th Anniversary in August.  So that is my new goal.  Look better than I did when I got married 10 years ago.  Maybe I could even fit into my high school prom dress.  Ok...that might be pushing it LOL.

Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year, New Me

I wonder how many people have a similar title or theme to their blogs this time of year.  This is not a New Years Resolution to me though.  This is a start to a new me.  I did not get back into a workout routine after my last post. In fact I basically quit all workouts and healthy eating.  So in addition to some wonderful Christmas gifts given to me by other, I also gave myself 10 pounds back :\

But I'm back...again.  Last week I started Power 90 over again.  And this time I made sure I had time for it everyday by getting up at 5:30 AM to get my workout in before the rest of life happens for the day.  I even got up at 6:30 on Saturday and got my exercise in before  my last Christmas celebration with my dad, brother and our families.  5:30 is hard, I'm not going to lie.  I usually have issues getting out of bed just to make it to work in time.  BUT, knowing the rest of the day that I am done with my workout and I can go to bed as soon as my kids do has been enough to keep getting my butt out of bed everyday.

After a week of Power90, I'm already feeling stronger during my workouts.  Especially the strength videos.  I'm improving so much on my push ups and my chair dips.

This week I want to focus more on my diet.  I am recording everything I put into my mouth on MyFitnessPal. This in turn makes me think a little more before I put things into my mouth.  I even passed up one of my fav dinners tonight - Kraft Mac & Cheese - for a healthy potato soup.

My first reward to myself will be a new haircut.  I have been growing my hair out for a while, but I'm ready to go back to short hair.  But no haircut until I've lost 10 pounds...or at least 5...not sure I can hold out for 10....